Kangaroo Poo Cookies

Friday, August 27, 2010

I think the original intro works best here:

“All measurements and jokes are completely Australian.. you might need to do some research”.

So, here we go…

1 Cup plain flour

1 cup desicated (dried shredded) coconut

1/2 cup cocoa (or enough to make it look REALLY chocolatey)

1cup Butter or margarine.

1 egg

1. Mix everything together in a bowl. If it isnt mixing.. get in there with your hands and kneed it together.

2. Turn oven on to moderate high temp

3. Take some trays (pending on size of the next step as to how many you will need) and do one of the following – grease it, spray it, or flour it.

getting your hands dirty part and why its called roo poo -

4. Roll the mix into smallish balls – whatever size suits you..

5. Place the balls onto the trays.

Once you have a tray full – admire the roo poo..


5. Take a fork and press it into the top of the ball to flatten into a
cookie.Bake for 10-15 min. (should feel crusty not soft)

Take from oven – eat warm, allow to cool… pour chocolate over the top even..


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